The Fiber of my Soul

Be Fearless in Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire

Joyce Hazelrig has been creating art all her life. Felting wool is her current passion. There's something about wool and fiber; and shape and create it into something new and different. She loves making whimsical creatures or magical characters. Joyce is inspired by myth, fairy tales, history and nature. She has embraced felting as a way to highlight colors, and show off the wonderful textures of wool. They all have their own voice its wonderful to see them taking shape, morphing, changing, coming to life. She hopes people to fall in love with her work, just as she falls in love creating them. She is often encouraged as they pick them up, hold them or try them on. "This is amazing!" Or "You made this!?"
Joyce Hazlerig begin this journey 8 years ago;her desire is to see how far down the rabbit hole will go. Wool is universal and ancient, its old and new, its organic and surpasses cultural barriers. The wider world of fiber is ever expanding. From learning about the animals that provide it; to cleaning, processing and dyeing wool. Exploring traditional wet felting to combing the new and old in innovative ways.

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